Protocol hessian

This protocol calculates and prints Hessian, the matrix of second derivatives of the energy. By default, it also writes it to a file that can be used as an input for the calculation of vibrational frequencies. Translational and rotational degrees of freedom are projected out from the calculated Hessian.

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The following examples, along with all other files needed to run them, can be found in the directory cuby4/protocols/hessian/examples

# Hessian example 1

# This calculates Hessian of a water molecule (the geometry was previously
# optimized at this level). In addition to printing the Hessian in the output,
# it is also saved to file 'hessian.yaml' for further use.

job: hessian

interface: turbomole

method: hf
basisset: 6-31G
density_fitting: none
scf_convergence: 7
charge: 0

geometry: |
  O    0.000000000  -0.000000000  -0.014048498
  H    0.000000000   0.785163819   0.520087569
  H    0.000000000  -0.785163819   0.520087569

# Print also complete gradient (by default, only RMS is printed)
print: gradient